Sanna Sanita offers a variety of tantra workshops to deepen your skills as lover, partner and practitioner through sacred touch and conscious communication, de-armouring trainings, awaken through pleasure and other workshops for seekers longing to open doors to liberation, empowerment and more soul ful living...

Wild Wise Woman

We meet in a circle of sisters, explore movement-based exercises and mystical dance intertwined with conscious relating and sensual expansion. Music and heart, dance and ritual, rawness and wildness — all to help you to explore more of your inner fire, power and sensitivity. Workshop is designed for women to explore all flavours of the feminine, various workshops, various themes. 




Sacred Touch & Conscious Relating

Learn the basic guidelines for successful tantra sessions, in private or as a professional. You will learn techniques for energy activation and sacred lingam and yoni massage, as well as fun and respectful tools for exploring your own and other people's boundaries. Inviting you to increase and deepen your sensuality in body and mind, the workshop is fun, transformational and always created in a safe space.



Invite me

I am happy to travel to share my passion! Feel free to invite me to your community or country for workshops and sessions. Contact me to see what we can create together.